Maine Prospers With New Markets Tax Program

Since 1905 the plant in Baileyville, Maine has been part of the state’s mostly rural economy. Today, thanks to funding from New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC), the Baileyville plant is thriving. They completed badly needed upgrades and expansions as a result of the NMTC investment, and were able to save 300 jobs, and add almost 100 more. The implementation of a New Markets Tax Credit moved Maine forward in creating new jobs and new opportunities for the state.

Attracting new industries, creating incentives to invest in the local economy, and building on the state’s natural resources, the program leverages private capital sources to develop growth and progress within the state. The creation of growth requires large amounts of capital; which Maine was not previously attracting. The NMTC prioritizes low-income areas overlooked by traditional funding sources and provides investors with a reason to invest.

Supported from its inception by Former-Senator Olympia Snowe, the NMTC concept was a game changer for the state. Since its introduction in 2001, the New Markets Tax Credit has become an integral factor in the viability and growth of the state’s economy, helping to move the Pine Tree State into a competitive position in the global market.
The program specifically targets communities with a statistically under-employed workforce, revitalizing hard-hit economies and giving new life to those communities. It provides the crucial financing to promote medium-sized and small businesses. The direct result is the creation of more than 1,500 new jobs within the state of Maine.

The encouraging success of the Maine NMTC program is magnified when you consider that it also indirectly triggers the addition of thousands more regional jobs, as a result of positive economic growth factors. By supporting crucial projects, the NMTC allows new investors to realize economic potential across diverse industries. It has improved the economic viability of a variety of enterprises in manufacturing, health care, agriculture and technology market sectors, as well as the hospitality industry, conservation, and the arts.

The confidence of early proponents of the measure is proving justified. The New Markets Tax Credit program is solving the problems of high poverty and unemployment. It is re-positioning formerly struggling communities as leaders in positive economic growth and development, and other states have joined Maine in implementing this remarkably successful plan. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, and Utah all now have NMTC programs like Maine.

How To Hire For Total Facilities Management

Hiring employees for total facilities management is quite simple when a company has asked for help from the proper sources. The companies that help with hiring will ensure that the proper employees have been chosen for each position, and this article explains how these employees are selected. The employees must be chosen to work in each part of the facility, and they must cover a range of skills from management to people working the factory floor.

Who Does This Work?

SourceAmerica, Total Facility, and Team Facilities all help with hiring, and these companies have placed thousands fo employees every year with their clients. They know how to ensure that a client is given the proper staff options for their businesses, and they will place employees who manage the facility, work on the ground and provide services to employees.

How Are Employees Chosen?

Employees are chosen and placed using an interview and vetting process that was created to help each company find the finest employees. These firms will place employees who match the profile the client wants, and they will choose employees who have experience in this industry. Someone who is new to the industry may be placed on the floor of the factory, and they will learn the industry while working.

SourceAmerica-How To Hire For Total Facilities Management

How To Hire For Total Facilities Management

Management Choices

Companies such as SourceAmerica will find managers who are familiar with the industry, and they will negotiate for the client where their salary and benefits are concerned. SourceAmerica will bring forward many people who have management experience, and they will allow their client to choose the person they prefer most.

What Does A Trade Organization Or Hiring Agency Do?

SourceAmerica, Cal Sierra Technologies, Total Facility Services and Team Facilities Incorporated will help you hire and place staff. These companies are skilled at finding the right people to work with your company, and they will show you the people you must hire to meet your needs. They will convert your needs into a simple list of candidates, and you may place these people anywhere you like.

SourceAmerica and companies like them will help companies hire for total facilities management. They will find people who are ready to work in each position in the building, and they will have the freedom to hire someone new at any time. The company will give their clients the staffing choice they need anytime they need.

Are You Looking For Reliable Real Estate Company For Your Personal Needs?

Washington DC filled with beautiful places to live. Washington DC split into four quadrants: Northeast, Northwest, Southwest and Southeast. If you’re considering making a move into this district, you should start doing thorough research so you can find a suitable place according to your preferences easily and cheaply. Below mentioned are few famous places that you can choose for your living:

Adams Morgan
Columbia Heights
DuPont Circle
University Heights
DC Armory
Eastern Market
Buzzard Point

Now you would be in need of a real estate agent or company. A decade ago, searching for a reliable, efficient and trustworthy real estate company in Washington DC would have begun in an office of a local agent who deals in real estate or by doing a physical search in town. But now, numerous property searches begin on the web. A quick search through a search engine will likely to provide you plethora of results. If you found a property of your interest on the website, you can also view images of the property online and if the owner has uploaded a virtual image; you can also have a detailed view of that building and house. However, if you live in Washington, DC, below mentioned are few famous real estate builders in DC who can assist you with your real estate needs. Alyson Hannigan, Samuel L. Jackson, Katherine Heigl, Frank L. Haney, Taraji P. Henson are few of the famous celebrities who came from Washington DC.

Peterson Companies

It’s one of the largest real estate development companies in DC region that is privately owned and provides development services for office, residential, commercial and retail real estate. Peterson has managed, developed and leased above 30,000 residential units and is liable for few of the most successful and prominent mixed-use office and residential developments in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Clark Construction

Clark Construction is a real estate company that works nationwide and offers an extensive base of services including development, construction, capital markets, investment management and property management. CC consistently ranked as a top multifamily builder in the DC region and also it has the honor to be the premier builders of military family housing, mixed-use communities, and luxury apartments. Since 1992 when Clark Construction founded, it made a broad portfolio of award-winning, nationally acclaimed communities on both coasts. There are many local projects are in its names such as Arena Stage, City Center DC, Walter Reed Military Medical Center, and much more.

The Bozzuto Group

This group is headquartered in the Washington, DC and is a specialized residential company for real estate needs. It provides an extensive range of services related to real estate throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. With over two decades of experience, the company has acquired, developed and built a huge number of apartments and homes throughout DC.

JCI Grants Gold Seal of Approval to Abu Dhabi’s New Hospital

The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi received the Joint Commission International (JCI) Gold Seal of Approval award after being in service for only 18 months. The organization gives the award to hospitals committed to providing quality patient care and serving the public health needs.

The commission rated the hospital on over 1000 standards and passed it all of them. The hospital scored highest in:

  • Patient safety and quality of care
  • Patient and family education
  • International patient safety goals
  • Access and continuity of care
  • The rights of patients and family

This internationally recognized reward is an extraordinary accomplishment for such a young hospital.

Facts About the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
The clinic opened in 2015 and is the product of a joint venture between the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the United Arab Emirates Mubadala, the government’s development company. The 23 acre, the 364-bed facility makes it possible for residents of the UAE and neighboring countries to obtain world-class care without having to leave the region.

The hospital has state of the art equipment and services for:

  • Emergency medicine
  • Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Respiratory services

The hospital can expand up to 490 beds with 72 intensive care unit (ICU) beds. There is also an attached pharmacy and a child care area. Additionally, there are:

  • 25 operating rooms
  • 4 post anesthesia care units
  • Over 30 medical specialties available

The hospital also boasts a Multidisciplinary Simulation Center. This allows local doctors the unique opportunity to train under leading experts on the latest medical equipment.
Medical staff includes:

  • 175 doctors from around the world
  • 1500 medical professionals

The hospital building is the largest structural steel building in the UAE. The building received LEED certification in 2014.

A Hard Job to Get but A Great Place to Work
Getting a job at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is no easy task. More than 5000 doctors around the world applied for the 175 doctor’s positions. The successful candidates interviewed a total of 40 times. All of the doctors were educated in the United States or Western Europe. For job openings, head to the Clinic’s career site,

New Mall at the WTC a Glimmer of Hope

With the passing of the 15-year anniversary of 9/11, it is a great ray of hope that rises in the new World Trade Center Mall that opened on August 16th. Bill Hecht, COO of Westfield Corp.’s U.S. Division said it best when he stated that the location of the mall is a “symbol of hope, opportunity, progress and perseverance.”

From another viewpoint, Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s retailing chief said that, “When you look at how many people now live in the neighborhood, how many commuters work in the neighborhood and how many tourists now are coming to the memorial, emotionally it was a no-brainer and financially it was a no-brainer.” There are upwards of 60,000 residents that live within walking distance of the World Trade Center area.

The World Trade Center Mall is 365,000 square feet and will be occupied by over 100 stores including a new FordHub that Ford Motor Co. has set up as a showroom, not a dealership. With an expected 15 million tourists and over 300,000 daily commuters, the World Trade Center Mall is a testament to the strength and perseverance of the United States, New York, and Manhattan.

“It took a long time, but here we are,” Peter Lowy said. He is now co-CEO with his brother, Stephen,

Westfield said that security and safety will be of the utmost importance and will take the highest priority. Not only for themselves, but also for the Port Authority. Uniformed Police and Private Security will always be present to watch over the World Trade Center Mall and its visitors. Westfield went on to say that, “As with any high-profile public location and transit center, there are extensive security measures that have been put in place with law enforcement and others.”

In light of the devastation that rocked the world on 9/11 it is with much hope and excitement that new life is springing forth from the ashes. The new double-level structure is a symbol that we are resilient, we can overcome obstacles, no matter how large, we will stand together as a country and a community and rise above and beyond. The World Trade Center Mall is a symbol of all that we hold dear as Americans, truth, justice and the American Way.



Hard Money Lending Explained

Private money, also known as “hard money,” is alive and well in most states. As the “Help I need money” noose tightens around the neck of home-builders and potential entrepreneurs, those  with cash burning a hole in their pockets will open the doors for potential investors by way of this loan vehicle.

If you are planning on investing in a home and/or rehabbing it, and would like to possibly dip your toe in the deep end of the money pool to make the purchase please allow this informative article to explain how hard money works and what the difference is between hard money and private money.

Description of Hard Money. What it is and how it Works.

A hard money lender/loan is a specific type asset-based loan financing through which a borrower may not be able to get a traditional loan from one of the usual suspects like a bank or credit union. These loans are usually based on a short term not years to repay for real estate investors interested in buying or repairing distressed properties. Unlike banks, hard money lenders are quick to loan money to qualified borrowers wherein money can exchange hands in a day or week. If your credit is marginal, hard money lenders will occasionally require the borrower to back up the loan with “real” assets like a home, business or even a valuable vehicle that is free and clear.

Note #1: Hard money lenders are usually compared to private money lenders. However, a private lender will many times be more flexible and offer better terms and conditions to the borrower. Think: interest rate, duration of the loan, and necessary or unnecessary paperwork, Private lenders are many times a close friend, family member, business associate as well as a professional referral.
Note #2: There is also another hard money loan type that targets real estate borrowers. It’s called a “bridge loan; also known as a “swing” loan. The concept is close to what hard money lenders work with when interim financing is needed. These types of loans are more expensive than the others and mostly used for commercial real estate purchases when a permanent loan or “take out” loan is imminent. Ergo, if money is quickly needed for a short term, and the traditional loan boat has left the dock, hard money is worth the cost.


The Best Real Estate Development Companies in Washington D.C.

The redevelopment industry in Washington D.C. is currently booming. Not only are developers looking for new and improved ways to develop land, but are also looking to do so with green technology that has been in high demand in Washington D.C. Current products are becoming popular such as the reconstruction of old neighborhoods that are near the capital. New Frank Haney projects will adhere to the walking community and will promote conservation and using energy and resources efficiently. Here is a list of some of the top developers in the city of Washington D.C.

1.) Peterson Companies

This company is one of the largest companies that is privately owned. This company offers services that are full integrated for building offices, commercial buildings, and even residential homes. As of present day, this company has been reported to be responsible for building over 30,000 residential homes that are popular to live in that consist of a great layout and green technology.

2.) PN Hoffman and Associates

The services provided by this company such as marketing services, sales, design, as well as construction are all of the highest quality and are constantly sought after. Since the start of this company in 1993, this company has been dedicated and has built over 28 developments in the Washington D.C. area. This company specifically specializes in mix-use development projects.

3.) Douglas Development

This company has a diverse portfolio of commercial offices, retail, and even residential projects that have been built over the years. Currently, the company is proud to announce that Douglas Development is responsible for almost 180 redevelopment projects in various types of development. This company especially likes to rebuild historic buildings. What this company does is not only preserve the historical appeal, but also creates a new and improved design that is centered around the historic neighborhoods and houses.

4.) Clark Construction

This company is most noted for being a nationally recognized real estate company that creates highly efficient homes that are conscious of energy usage. The services to use from this company include capital markets, development, construction, and even property management. For projects such as luxury apartments, this is the best company to choose from. This company is over 20 years old and is already and nationally ranked family brand name. For mixed-use communities and for family military housing, this has become the company to go to for the best choices.

Top Natural Gas Organizations Help in W. VA’s Flood Relief

Residents of the state of West Virginia experienced a devastating flood. Homeowners and business were displaced, and residents are still struggling to regain their footing. In a flood zone, the need for clean water, housing, clothing, food, and medicines is critical. Contamination is a major problem and can spread viruses and bacteria. Displaced families in the West Virginia community need every ounce of help possible from the community and other groups willing to assist. Leading the list of helpful organizations is:

  • Antero Resources
  • Apex Pipeline Services
  • Blue Racer Midstream
  • Chevron Global Community Fund
  • Columbia Pipeline Group
  • CONSOL Energy
  • Crestwood Midstream Partners
  • Cunningham Energy
  • Dominion Resources
  • Energy Transportation/Applied Construction Solutions
  • Eureka Midstream
  • ExxonMobil and XTO Energy
  • Jackson Gas Company
  • Learned Leadership LLC
  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation
  • Mountaineer Gas Company
  • Noble Energy
  • Ryan Environmental
  • Southwestern Energy
  • Stone Energy

Flood Disaster:

Many involved in the flood have nothing left. The natural gas companies are a part of the community, assisting their neighbors and opening their wallets to give what they can to bring friends and neighbors back from the brink of despair. After a tour of the state, Mr. Orndorff found the devastation indescribable. His affiliation with the Red Cross brings him a deep understanding of the needs of disaster-stricken areas, and his company along with many others are coming to the aid of constituents.

Announcing Flood Relief:

The announcement was made on Tuesday, by gas companies all over the West Virginia area to give back to the community at a time when the need is greatest. Customers use the services of these companies every day of the year. Now the natural gas companies have the opportunity to show customers how important they are to their organizations.

Bob Orndorff, of Dominion Resources’, made it known that $350,000 would be made available to the American Red cross of West Virginia. As State Director of Public Affairs, he informed the public that donations would be matched by other natural gas organizations in a joint effort to help the community.

Community Cooperation:

Many are participating in lending a hand. The top natural gas organizations help in W. VA’s flood relief without giving it a second thought. This is home for many of the companies, and the faster they get their customers back on their feet, the sooner everyone can get back to business. These corporate giants understand their survival is tied to the progress of their neighbors.

In a flood disaster, a homeowner may need to evacuate immediately. There is rarely the time to collect belongings while fleeing for your life. Buildings suffered structural damage and cannot be inhabited without inspection. Many may require complete destruction. This flood has placed a community at risk, and FEMA, in addition to West Virginia’s top natural gas organizations, are helping in the flood relief process.

Make Money Investing in Homes

When you are looking to become the master of the real estate investing world and be among the likes of Lee Shau Kee, Donald Bren and Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor to name a few success stories, you need to keep a few things in mind. These people got to be some of the richest people in real estate by following a few simple steps.

First make sure that you do not lose your focus. This means find one type of investing method and don’t stray from this. There are so many types of ways that you can invest, taking one or two helps you to narrow your focus and keeps you on track. Often a person will get overrun by trying to dip their hands into too many areas of investing.

Managing your costs carefully will help to ensure that you are not losing money on an investment. Gauge an investment carefully before you make the decision to invest. Things like the amount of money that will need to put into things like repairs and such need to be looked at carefully.

A careful assessment of the property values of the other homes in the area as well as the crime rate need to be looked at carefully. This is an area that many in the area of real estate investing tend to overlook and as a result it leads to them having serious issues and can often times lead to them losing all their investment. A house that is located in a run down part of town will often times not be as profitable as one that is in a more upscale part of the city.

The last area to consider is that of utility costs. The bigger the space and the less weatherized that a place is, then the higher the utility costs will be. If you have any intention of renting out your home, then you will want to consider including these into the price that you will charge for rent on a monthly basis.

Donald Bren is a classic example of taking a little and turning it into a lot. At a young age he took a little run down house and made that as his first investment. From there he continued to follow these steps and learn from his mistakes to make Forbes magazine as one of the richest billionaires in real estate. While following these steps will not guarantee you billions of dollars, the sheer process of following them will get you well on your way.

Top Real Estate Companies To Contact In Washington DC Area

A major group of real estate companies has made the changes that are going on, in the Washington DC region. The building industry is now having sustainable and green technologies, which influence, how the new projects constructed are, and also on the redevelopment of the old ones. A guide to the five core companies (besides Frank L Haney), making the redevelopment boom in Washington area, will be mentioned here in a short while.

• PN Hoffmann and Associates

PN Hoffmann, with its affiliates and subsidiaries, offer construction, design, sales, and marketing, for both, mixed-use development and personal residential projects. The company boasts of completing successfully, more than 28 development projects in the District of Columbia region. PN Hoffmann combines exciting and latest architecture, with old existing neighborhoods. Logan Circle, Adams Morgan, the U Street Corridor and Penn Quarter are some of the neighborhoods; he has developed.

• Douglas Development

In 1985, Douglas Development Company was founded and a portfolio of commercial offices and mixed used residential properties, are featured by the company. This company has redeveloped a little over 180 projects. He did Chinatown’s Instore area from Verizon Center and Woodward & Lothrop buildings.

• Peterson Companies

This developer is one of the biggest, private possessed, real estate companies, in Washington area. Development services are offered fully, for residential, offices, commercial and retail property. Maryland and Northern Virgin are some of the places that the Peterson Companies developed, also some fruitful and prominent, mixed use offices and residential developments. Over 30,000, residential houses have been done by Peterson companies.

• Community Three Development

This company of Community Three Development, targets central Washington DC, to redevelop, underused real estate properties. Mount Pleasant, DC’s Capitol Hill, Logan Circle and Shaw, are the neighborhoods that got the touch of Community Three Development.

• Clark Construction

Clark Construction offers a broad base of services, including development, property management, capital markets and construction thoroughly combined national, real estate firm. It’s ranked as being among the great multifamily builders, nationwide. Luxury apartments, mixed-use communities and military family housing, have been built by this premier nation builder.

With this selection of top real estate companies, Washington DC has been made into having an urban lifestyle.