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Hard Money Lending Explained

Private money, also known as “hard money,” is alive and well in most states. As the “Help I need money” noose tightens around the neck of home-builders and potential entrepreneurs, those  with cash burning a hole in their pockets will open the doors for potential investors by way of this loan vehicle.

If you are planning on investing in a home and/or rehabbing it, and would like to possibly dip your toe in the deep end of the money pool to make the purchase please allow this informative article to explain how hard money works and what the difference is between hard money and private money.

Description of Hard Money. What it is and how it Works.

A hard money lender/loan is a specific type asset-based loan financing through which a borrower may not be able to get a traditional loan from one of the usual suspects like a bank or credit union. These loans are usually based on a short term not years to repay for real estate investors interested in buying or repairing distressed properties. Unlike banks, hard money lenders are quick to loan money to qualified borrowers wherein money can exchange hands in a day or week. If your credit is marginal, hard money lenders will occasionally require the borrower to back up the loan with “real” assets like a home, business or even a valuable vehicle that is free and clear.

Note #1: Hard money lenders are usually compared to private money lenders. However, a private lender will many times be more flexible and offer better terms and conditions to the borrower. Think: interest rate, duration of the loan, and necessary or unnecessary paperwork, Private lenders are many times a close friend, family member, business associate as well as a professional referral.
Note #2: There is also another hard money loan type that targets real estate borrowers. It’s called a “bridge loan; also known as a “swing” loan. The concept is close to what hard money lenders work with when interim financing is needed. These types of loans are more expensive than the others and mostly used for commercial real estate purchases when a permanent loan or “take out” loan is imminent. Ergo, if money is quickly needed for a short term, and the traditional loan boat has left the dock, hard money is worth the cost.


Make Money Investing in Homes

When you are looking to become the master of the real estate investing world and be among the likes of Lee Shau Kee, Donald Bren and Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor to name a few success stories, you need to keep a few things in mind. These people got to be some of the richest people in real estate by following a few simple steps.

First make sure that you do not lose your focus. This means find one type of investing method and don’t stray from this. There are so many types of ways that you can invest, taking one or two helps you to narrow your focus and keeps you on track. Often a person will get overrun by trying to dip their hands into too many areas of investing.

Managing your costs carefully will help to ensure that you are not losing money on an investment. Gauge an investment carefully before you make the decision to invest. Things like the amount of money that will need to put into things like repairs and such need to be looked at carefully.

A careful assessment of the property values of the other homes in the area as well as the crime rate need to be looked at carefully. This is an area that many in the area of real estate investing tend to overlook and as a result it leads to them having serious issues and can often times lead to them losing all their investment. A house that is located in a run down part of town will often times not be as profitable as one that is in a more upscale part of the city.

The last area to consider is that of utility costs. The bigger the space and the less weatherized that a place is, then the higher the utility costs will be. If you have any intention of renting out your home, then you will want to consider including these into the price that you will charge for rent on a monthly basis.

Donald Bren is a classic example of taking a little and turning it into a lot. At a young age he took a little run down house and made that as his first investment. From there he continued to follow these steps and learn from his mistakes to make Forbes magazine as one of the richest billionaires in real estate. While following these steps will not guarantee you billions of dollars, the sheer process of following them will get you well on your way.

Who Funds Government Property Development?

There are many construction companies in Washington, but only some of them have enough money to go on with projects easily. These are the companies that get the most contracts, and they have the resources to do many of these contracts at the same time. There are many people who work in these buildings, and there are even more people who might live in these government housing projects. Companies like Frank Haney have the cash to get started right now, and they give the government a head start on doing the next project. These companies are always working in Washington, and that is a very important part of what they do.

The Resources

These companies have so many resources that they can literally do many projects at once. They can take on many contracts, and the government knows that all those contracts will get done. They have confidence in companies that are established, and these companies move so fast that they can take on several projects that they will do in order of their approval. There are a lot of people who work on these projects, and there are many more machines in use.

The best part of these companies is that they do not have to rent everything they use. They can deploy their fleet right now to get the job done, and the government can promise fast turnaround on most of these jobs. These companies know how to make the government buildings the right way, and there is no lag time between one and another. Both sides are always happy with the work, and the companies like Fluor or Clark simply go on to the next job.

The government buildings that go up in Washington are some of the biggest jobs in the city, and there are large contractors who actually do this work for the government often. They will get most of the jobs because they are ready to do them, and they make sure that the jobs are done to the standards of the government. This is an easy way to build up Washington DC, and it creates places for people to live and work all the time. The whole city is getting a makeover, and these contraction companies want to make their hometown look as good as possible. They put up the buildings where people work, and then they do the buildings where people live.

The Magical San Diego Real Estate Market

Have you ever imagined owning a home near a beach? If yes, then you may have considered buying a house in San Diego, California. San Diego is a nice beach town that is good for a family upbringing and also as a retirement home for those who have spent their time in big cities around the United States toiling. Here you can enjoy a nice, relaxed and comfortable lifestyle and spend your free time visiting beaches.

There is a large number of well-known real estate companies that deal in sales and purchases of real estate properties in San Diego. The real estate agents in San Diego take their time to understand exactly what you need and provide it exactly as you requested. You will experience service like you never have. Realtors® matches agencies will make your job of looking for a good agent even easy. They will arrange a meeting between you and the top real estate agents. Here you can have time to experience different philosophies and marketing systems of each agent. They will then help you hand pick the best real estate agent of your preference.

Another such like service is Agent Pronto. The best thing about Agent Pronto is that they offer free and independent services. They also have many high-quality agents that work with them to ensure customer satisfaction; the only deal with agents that are found in the top 5% bracket of Realtors.

In San Diego’s real estate market, Real Estate Investor Than Merrill uses proven marketing systems to ensure you get the best deal. They also use modern technology in real estate to come comfortable housing for their clients. They also offer consultation services so that their clients can understand the prevailing market prices.

Del Sur is one of the real estate projects that have been undertaken in San Diego. It houses over 800 families in an extremely luxurious and comfortable living space. This project is simply a masterpiece of innovation in planned community living. It has new technologies in its housing projects and a lot of natural green environment that leaves you feeling relaxed.

There are a lot of good real estate agents in San Diego. They offer state of the art services that will leave you wanting more. Their customers services is aimed at giving you as the client what you want. Some of this agencies include Ascent Real Estates, Team Metro Real Estates and San Diego Real Estate. Contact any of the agencies for best services.

Tax Credit Program Helps Companies

The new markets tax program in Maine ( is going to help companies that are in need of help trying to get into new markets. There are lots of ways to get some money to help emerge into new markets, but this program helps companies get the tax breaks they need for working in these new areas. All these companies are going to be able to make a lot more money because they have moved into new areas, and they can get these tax breaks for many years to come.

The Breaks

Every company is going to get a tax break based on how much money they make. All companies are a little different, and people who are trying to find ways to make sure that they can save as much money as possible while they are trying to move their businesses. This is a great savings for every business, and it is the only way to for a company to make sure that it can actually make the move. This will help companies come into Maine, and the new markets tax credit program makes it so much easier for people to get the funds they need to stay in Maine.

Moving Is Hard

A company needs to get assurances when it is moving, and a company that has already decided to make a move needs to apply for the program right away. This is going to help these companies know they are going to get a little extra cash back, and this is going to provide these companies with a way to make sure that they are going to be able to save money on a yearly basis. Taxes are the breaking point for lots of companies that are looking to move, and giving them better tax rates is going to make it easier for companies to be able to move safely.

The move to Maine could be a great one for a company that wants to move into a new market, and the new markets tax credit program is going to help people get the results they are looking for without any trouble at all. This is going to make it easy for people to get some money back when they open their business in a new area, and many new places in the state of Maine are going to be perfect for businesses that get help from the program.

Spring Fever; University of Virginia Style

On March 18th, 2015 a student from the University of Virginia named Martese Johnson was charged with two misdemeanors, according to Daniel Watkin’s, Johnson’s attorney.  Watkins is currently working to investigate the case and defend his client. Watkins is an associate at Williams Mullen’s Litigation Group where he works on cases consisting of anything from white collar crime to commercial disputes.

Johnson was charged with “obstruction of justice without force,” and “profane swearing and/ or intoxication in public,” according to Watkin’s statement about his client. A member of Virginia’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and a local police officer stopped Johnson on the street near an off-campus location on the evening of the 18th.

During Johnson’s run-in with the police and ABC officer, they smashed Johnson’s head to the pavement, which led to gashes on Johnson’s head. Johnson had to get ten stitches from the University of Virginia Medical Center and is trying to heal his head at this time.

Johnson is a junior at the University of Virginia and a double major in Media studies and Italian. Johnson is the Chair of the Leadership Development Committee of the Black Student Alliance, the Vice Chair for Community Relations of the Honor Committee and the Vice Polemarch of the Eta Sigma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.

“As evidenced by both his academic and extracurricular achievements, Martese is a smart young man with a bright future,” said Watkins.

Law practice in Virginia and the city of Richmond

The legal profession is regulated in Virginia by the Virginia State Bar (VBA). VBA is the administrative arm of the Supreme Court in Virginia. The number of lawyers registered to practice in Virginia is about 30,000. In total, Virginia has approximately 45,000 attorneys, registered under all categories including retired, associate and judicial attorneys. The most common legal issues in Richmond Virginia include speeding traffic ticket, bankruptcy, business and finance, family, DUI, tax, foreclosure, divorce, personal injury, employment and labor and immigration. This is in addition to criminal defense, landlord and tenant, estate planning and consumer protection. When it comes choosing a lawyer, there are several factors you need to consider. The most critical include location, level of comfort, cost and lawyer credentials.

The location is the town where the lawyer can be found. What you need to look for when it comes to location, is find a lawyer who is conveniently located. The fee charged by the lawyer is another important consideration. It is always prudent to ask the lawyer for an estimate of the cost of covering your case. Most lawyers charge for services by accessing a flat rate or hourly rate. The level of comfort between you and the lawyer must also be good. This is important is because you will be sharing your personal information with the lawyer. Always check to see if the lawyer seem interested to represent or solve your problems. The credentials of the lawyer representing you must also be put into perspective, because it can spell the difference between success and failure. The lawyer’s credentials can be determined by the level of experience as well as the type of cases he or she represents.

A banking and finance lawyer, will represent you in a wide range of issues, including compliance issues, commercial lending, predator lending, corporate finance, bank account transaction and lending liability. A business and commercial lawyer, on the other hand, will assist you in matters like business formation, business sale, disputes and commercial litigation. One of the most trusted law firms in Richmond Virginia is Williams Mullen. The law firm has a strong team of 225 attorneys who operate in 10 different office locations across Washington D.C, Virginia and North Carolina. These attorneys, including Alan Clark, Matthew Cobb and Doug Nabhan, among others, specialize in a wide range of practices, including business and corporate, intellectual property, financial services, labor and employment and estate planning. The industries covered include firearms, manufacturing and alcoholic and financial services among others.

DC Commercial Real Estate Growth

To Frank Haney the District of Columbia is unique among American cities. Unlike other cities whose growth and development are driven by the city’s local industries, the District of Columbia was created specifically as the seat of the Federal government. Its primary purpose was to house buildings and residences to support the federal government. Any commercial development was accidental.

Commercial development was further restricted when The District became the hub of the Nation’s monuments and memorials. In addition to building height restrictions for fire safety, and its geographic boundaries of bordering Maryland and Virginia there was little room for lateral expansion for the District of Columbia’s commercial market.

This trend has changed over the last few decades as the population of the District of Columbia has experienced a reduction in population sise due to gentrification. From the 1970’s to the 2000’s the population in the District saw a reduction from 800,000 to just over 500,000. As more families moved out and more professional families moved in a higher demand for commercial use became apparent.

In addition to think tanks and lobbying firms which continued to support the federal government operations, more business including technology, retail and other traditional commercial uses began to expand their beach head.
This sparked a remarkable era of commercial growth that was insulated from the economic downturns in the past 20 years do to the federal government’s presence. Because the city skyline is rarely over 160 feet in height the market prices for commercial space has been able to enjoy a unique status as a protected market.

The federal government continued to add nearly 50,000 additional office jobs in just one quarter in 2012 revealing that government services are still the main force in the District.
As a result of these conditions, investors continue to view Washington, D.C., as the prime real estate market in the United States. Investment capital continues to flow to well leased, high quality real estate assets with high credit worthy tenants in a very stabilized real estate market. This is the best of both worlds for real estate investors.

The commercial retail occupancy rate in the greater District of Columbia metropolitan area is still well over 90 percent occupancy. Commercial lease rates are still skyrocketing due to a very rampant demand for the District real estate. It is simply a seller’ market with buyers offering never before seen prices.

Flipping Houses Presents Nationwide Success Stories

The (almost) market-neutral strategy that has recently blown up reality TV, house flipping has presented a lot of skeptics with surprising success stories. Sellers take care of neglected homes and improve that home and its neighborhood’s value, taking some of that value as their profit. It seems like a simple plan, and it’s perfectly legal, ethical and productive. There are, however, strategies and plans in place to help the aspiring real estate investor succeed.

Among these is FortuneBuilders, one of the most respected real estate educational companies. Founded by real estate and house flipping tycoon Than Merrill, who has appeared on upwards of 20 episodes of A&E’s Flip That House, FortuneBuilders has been named one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies by Inc. magazine for the past three years. Needless to say, this network of professionals all across North America has served as a qualified resource for aspiring and veteran home-flippers alike.

With hundreds of FortuneBuilders success stories in cities and towns all across the nation, the network of students share their victories, testimonials and deals on the company’s website. With both motivational and informational resources like summits and books detailing specific tactics and techniques, FortuneBuilders has created a way to share information and inspire people to invest and accomplish.

See Fortunebuilders on Yelp.

Making the Right Choices

yourchoiceEmployees are a necessary evil to just about any business. Business owners and hiring managers are all too familiar with the struggles of securing a qualified workforce. Pouring over resumes just to find a handful of individuals that are worth the time of interviewing is a daunting experience. Although there are some tricks to reducing the ever growing pile of resumes, there is not a foolproof process. There are always those that slip through the cracks that make it to the interview stage that should never have made it there. The worst part is when those individuals are hired because of their innate ability to say all the right things in order get the position.

First thing that needs to be done to reduce the options for qualified applicants is to call for employment verification and references. This will weed out those applicants that look good on paper but may not be completely truthful. Speaking with personal and professional references can also add insight to the individual through those they know and have worked with.

Another great tactic is to check into perspective employees’ social media. Often times one can gather very useful information by taking a tour of FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and any other popular social media sites. Do not underestimate the power of doing an internet search either. Information that is public access is fair game to use as part of the decision making process.

Once the stack of resumes and applications has been whittled down to the most desirable candidates, it is time to interview. The questions that are asked in the interview can also determine the quality of employee you decide to hire. Stay away from general interview questions and ask those that can expose those that are just good at interviews. Asking complex questions that require thought and detailed response will provide better insight when it comes time to make a decision. The “standard” interview questions just are not enough to separate the weak from the strong.

Thinking outside the box and raising the bar for the selection process can ensure that the most qualified employee is hired. Remember that the individual that that is hired is an integral part of the business process and an important factor to overall profitability. Employees are the face of the company and quality employees are a necessity from the start.

that base. Otherwise, you are probably just wasting your time in your business.