Who Developed Your Washington Office Building?

You’re ready to take that step into the ‘green’ building project. You will certainly need to do some research as to who would be able to help you accomplish this. You want to consider someone who knows about the legal aspects of what is an environmentally favored building.

With so many contractors bidding for your project, it helps to consider who developed the Washington office building that have been successful thus far. Keep in mind there are several steps to consider and how they have impacted the environment:

-Using building components that can reduce heating and cooling requirements
-Windows that promote saving energy
-Appliances and fixtures that reduce water usage
-Solar or wind powered energy
-Products that are low maintenance
-Use of recycling bins and compost systems
-Reduce or eliminate pesticide treatments
-LED lighting that doesn’t contain mercury
-Products that can reduce environmental impacts

Companies like JBG and Frank Haney have been considered a company who has experts in all areas of development like residential, retail and hotel as well as office areas. For over 50 years JBG Companies have managed and developed properties in the Washington Metropolitan areas. Their unified direction is creating and developing neighborhoods and the businesses that are needed. Being a member who prides itself being responsible and committed to improving the communities in which they build.

Lowe Enterprises has had a hand in over $1.5 billion of development of industrial, retail, multifamily and commercial properties. Their expert teams have properties valued at $1.0 billion that are in development at this time. They value the development of Washington DC and the communities that surround it. Their seasoned construction managers add knowledge and experience to the team. They know about development and what it takes to get you there.

When considering building in Washington DC, choose a contractor who has experience. Do research and ask for recommendations that will help your business. There are alot of contractors in the area, it’s up to you to decide who to trust with your new building. If you’re building ‘green’ it does make a difference on who you choose and how much experience they have in building environmentally favored buildings.