Top Natural Gas Organizations Help in W. VA’s Flood Relief

Residents of the state of West Virginia experienced a devastating flood. Homeowners and business were displaced, and residents are still struggling to regain their footing. In a flood zone, the need for clean water, housing, clothing, food, and medicines is critical. Contamination is a major problem and can spread viruses and bacteria. Displaced families in the West Virginia community need every ounce of help possible from the community and other groups willing to assist. Leading the list of helpful organizations is:

  • Antero Resources
  • Apex Pipeline Services
  • Blue Racer Midstream
  • Chevron Global Community Fund
  • Columbia Pipeline Group
  • CONSOL Energy
  • Crestwood Midstream Partners
  • Cunningham Energy
  • Dominion Resources
  • Energy Transportation/Applied Construction Solutions
  • Eureka Midstream
  • ExxonMobil and XTO Energy
  • Jackson Gas Company
  • Learned Leadership LLC
  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation
  • Mountaineer Gas Company
  • Noble Energy
  • Ryan Environmental
  • Southwestern Energy
  • Stone Energy

Flood Disaster:

Many involved in the flood have nothing left. The natural gas companies are a part of the community, assisting their neighbors and opening their wallets to give what they can to bring friends and neighbors back from the brink of despair. After a tour of the state, Mr. Orndorff found the devastation indescribable. His affiliation with the Red Cross brings him a deep understanding of the needs of disaster-stricken areas, and his company along with many others are coming to the aid of constituents.

Announcing Flood Relief:

The announcement was made on Tuesday, by gas companies all over the West Virginia area to give back to the community at a time when the need is greatest. Customers use the services of these companies every day of the year. Now the natural gas companies have the opportunity to show customers how important they are to their organizations.

Bob Orndorff, of Dominion Resources’, made it known that $350,000 would be made available to the American Red cross of West Virginia. As State Director of Public Affairs, he informed the public that donations would be matched by other natural gas organizations in a joint effort to help the community.

Community Cooperation:

Many are participating in lending a hand. The top natural gas organizations help in W. VA’s flood relief without giving it a second thought. This is home for many of the companies, and the faster they get their customers back on their feet, the sooner everyone can get back to business. These corporate giants understand their survival is tied to the progress of their neighbors.

In a flood disaster, a homeowner may need to evacuate immediately. There is rarely the time to collect belongings while fleeing for your life. Buildings suffered structural damage and cannot be inhabited without inspection. Many may require complete destruction. This flood has placed a community at risk, and FEMA, in addition to West Virginia’s top natural gas organizations, are helping in the flood relief process.